Play Madden NFL Game Better Than Before

Madden NFL 18 Mobile Game is the latest football simulation game series developed by the EA Sports.It is a game that is loved by both novices and veterans and it will get you hooked for hours as you build and manage your own football dream team. To help you improve your game, here are Madden NFL 18 mobile game features and tips to play it well.

Madden NFL 18 Game Features

madden nfl 18 video game

Frost-bite Engine Power

For the first time, this game will be running on EA’s Frost-Bite Game Engine. It is the most photo-realistic game that has ever been produced and its stadiums will be surrounded with new weather effects, scenic cityscapes, new fire work displays as well as player run-out sequences.

Play Live

You can play live matches from real game fixtures which includes customized commentary, latest rosters and up to date stats from NFL.

Target Passing

Madden NFL 18 mobile game allows you to throw the ball to whoever you want thanks to its brand new target-passing feature. You will no longer be required to throw the ball only to the open-wide receiver. This gives you the ultimate control over where the ball is thrown.

Playing Styles

Madden 18 has three new playing styles that lets you play the game how you want. For example, the Arcade playing style allows you to engage in more spectacular game plays although it has limited penalties. Simulation uses the authentic NFL rules and game-play while Competitive places a lot of emphasis on your stick skills. You will earn big penalties and big rewards with Competitive.

you can also play madden nfl 18 game on your mobile phone

Coach Adjustments

You can make coach adjustments on the AI so that it fits your game-plan.

Coverage Assignment

Madden 18 has a real time user interface which helps you to understand your job in pass-coverage.

Madden NFL 18 Playing Tips

1.First play the offensive and defensive tutorials

Before you take your game online, it’s highly recommended that you take a look at the defensive and offensive tutorials found in the game. The tutorials will teach you some blitzes, key passing concepts and an understanding of when it is to use them.

2.Look for a team that will work with your game-play style.

While you are offline, play with as many different teams as you can. This will give you more game time while using different players. Through this, you will be able to know the game play that you are good at.

3.Play good defense

One of the key ways of winning Madden NFL 18 is by playing good defense. Learn how to user control a player who isn’t on the defense lines. If you control your defense end, the rest of the defense will get controlled by the CPU.

4.Make the best out of your offensive possessions

It’s important that you make the best out of your offensive possessions. That one time that you have to punt or make a turn-over could be the only difference in loosing and winning. Using the best way you can, ensure that the ball is moving down the field and avoid turnovers by targeting players in order to get those points on board. Target the running backs because they have good carrying ratings and they are less likely to fumble.

5.Throw the ball away

There are times you will need to get rid of the ball but make sure that your quarterback is free from tackles. Tap on the trash icon on your screen to tell your quarterback to throw the ball away.

Having learned the game features and the tips, it’s now time to build your Madden NFL 18 Mobile Game dream team. Make use of the tips and you will soon be on top.

madden nfl 18 game is better than before

What About Madden NFL 18 game?

The sports video game industry has been on an upward trajectory for the last few years. We are all aware of the popular video games available for customers which include FIFA games, NBA 2K and of course, Madden NFL video game.The NFL video game was named after John Madden who was a pro footballer and was inducted into the game’s hall of fame.In fact the video game was first released in 1988 with the name John Madden Football. The current name of the game,Madden nfl, was adopted in 1993and remained so with subsequent releases of the game versions to date.

The Madden NFL video game series is developed and published by Electronic Arts (EA) Sports. The popularity of the NFL has been steadily growing throughout the years.As a result there has been an increasing need to improve the customer/player’s experience (fun) when playing the Madden nfl video game.

As it stands now with the latest version, Madden nfl 18 game,there have been great functional improvements.The improvements implemented answers the all too familiar question, why people love to play madden nfl 18 game? These timely improvements are highlighted below.

a better madden nfl video game world

In conclusion, the madden nfl 18 game is not considered a true game for role-playing. The fact is that you, as a player, you have basic control or input into the ending or direction of the story mode. What this means that the video game story mode has a way of happening and or ending within its only chosen track. Having said that, it is important to note that it is partly because of the “real-life” experiences offered by the story mode, the reason it remains popular.

Madden NFL 18 Game coins?

Like other EA sports game series, Madden NFL 18 game also have their own Game built-in virtual currency system that we called it Madden NFL coins or you can call it Madden 18 coins/ Madden mobile coins for this generation of Madden NFL video game. Just like the real world, Money can do many things and it is the same in the game. With enough Madden 18 coins you can buy better players, level-up your players abilities, buy more rare players from the game auction-house and so on. Just like we know, coins are hard to get in the game that need you pay a lot of time. If you do not want pay some real money on open game pakcs. However, there are some reliable online stores can offer cheap price of Madden NFL 18 coins, I think you can choose one of store to purchase if you want save your time and get madden coins in a short time.

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